We take a simple, hands-on approach to property management that starts with understanding the property owners we serve. It’s a philosophy that is embraced by everyone at Lurie & Associates – from those at the principal and management levels to each member of our support staff. Over the years, we have enjoyed low turnover among our employees. This has allowed us to nurture strong relationships and develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. With Lurie & Associates, you can rest assured our associates will know your business, your property and the tenants you serve.

Third-party management is our exclusive business and it demands our full attention. We pride ourselves on expertise in financial accuracy and timely reporting. We understand the resulting cash flows from the properties we manage and ensure that the work we do is tailored to suit each owner’s current and future needs.

Specific management services include:

Preparation of Annual Budget, subject to owners approval

Negotiation of all vendor and service contracts

Consistent property visitation

Weekly property inspections

Monthly inspection reports

Monthly financial reports, including any other reports as owner may request

All reports to loan facilities required under any existing or future loan documents

Negotiation and supervision of construction contracts

Negotiation of maintenance and repair contracts as needed

Administration of all lease requirements to include collection of insurance certificates, gross sales reports, and other requirements  where applicable

Receiving and depositing funds as requested by owner

Disbursement of funds to vendors as they are due and payable

Coordination with legal counsel regarding resolution of delinquencies and any other defaults under the terms of the leases

Coordination with tax consultant to appeal any new assessments including regular progress reports

Year-end expense reconciliation and invoicing